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Save Our Planet Day

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We're Facing A Fracking Disaster!!!

Community Against Fracking Exploitation:
Part of the United Network of Societies Against Fracking Exploitation (UNSAFE!)
New Anti-Fracking site, Click here for more details...

This years Save Our Planet Day is Wednesday 12th December. Coordinate action at 12 noon, either Trafalgar Square or Locally.

This year's Climate March is Saturday 1st December.

A Rocha
Campaign against Climate Change
The Ecologist
Friends of the Earth
Global Canopy Programme
Positive News
Stop Climate Chaos
999 Planet in Peril

After this years Save Our PLanet Day All Future SOP Day will be on the 24th July because we need to look after our planet 24-7.
Help campaign for this day to become officially recognised.

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There is so little time to "Save Our Planet"
Here's what you can do - join with us.


Save our Planet day is an environment information day whereby any citizen can learn locally about the interaction of our lives with our environment and how we vitally affect each other.

It is hoped ultimately that each community will put on such an event to highlight our dependence on a healthy planet for our physical wellbeing, and that such an event gives information and guidance to a sustainable future for us all.

For information and help, as to how to put on a Save our Planet day event, please contact us via this website.
See the Contact page for details.

Breaking News:

"999 Planet in Peril"

Check this site for future details.

Protest against Heathrow 3rd Runway WE WON!!!!
Opposite Downing Street, 19th Feb 2009 

'Save our planet' day promotes any enterprising activity or organisation which aims to ensure a sustainable future for people and planet.
Since we are uniquely non-financial, this is achieved by the function of the website and our experience & template of easily reproducible environmental events.

To find out how as an individual (or group) you can tackle climate change and set up one of these events, please surf the site and contact us. By this unique linking mechanism that does not produce yet another tier of organisation, we have the opportunity to work concertedly, without distraction, towards a bright sustainable future. Please help by linking in this unique way. As a non-financial mechanism there is nothing to loose!
Please join us now, whilst we still have time.

Some 'Burning' Questions!

This is a picture of a "Race for Life" for tackling cancer. Cancer an unseen killer, just like that which threatens and stalks our planetary existence. We need to engage the people just as enthusiastically in the "Race for Life as we know it" on this precious planet of ours.

This is a particularly significant moment both for you and the planet, if you volunteer to put on a 'Save our planet' day event.
Its not that difficult.
Its designed to be that way.
Its purpose is to maximise the efforts of those that truly realise that action to save the planet is needed right now.
Please do this.
It requires no money, just a little determination and will power.
Use the template to set up an event.
By making a few others realise the urgency of the situation we're in, the call to action will rise exponentially.
It can be done....and in time!
'Delay is the enemy of our future'.
The person who tried this first was just as scared and daunted as you might be.
It does work.
Engage just a few into active participation, encouraging some of them to copy the formula and do the same.

Watch active participation grow.
Our political leaders have failed to respond sufficiently quickly. It is up to us to grow the realisation and active participation from the roots of society. If we wish to try and save the people and the planet we must engage all the people.

Money must become irrelevant.

Salvation from the crisis by the people for the people. It starts with you here and now. Please join in. If you love family and life on this earth, in its diversity please in this critical moment, take courage and set up an event. The future of the planet it's in your hands, use them lovingly and wisely. Cherish the moment you chose to make a difference.

If setting up an event seems too daunting, please volunteer to help run this website and it's functions. Again we reiterate no money is needed, just time. We only use donated services and physical logistics given freely. Nothing is owned. There is no physical structure, just will to survive. Engage that will. Join us. We are unique. This is a unique opportunity. Grasp it. Give us a future. Contact us.

‘Save our planet’ day is about INFORMING, INSPIRING & INVOLVING

the general population, (in a way that has not been effectively achieved before),

to act on human induced global warming and to plot a path for future sustainability of the planet.


By making it local, simple and interactive, we have a far greater chance of involving sufficient people to make a difference.

That is what ‘save our planet’ day is all about.


In 7-7-7 we set up a local centre as an initial template to copy,(and you can read about it on site). Last year on 8-8-8 it this was refined, so that it is possible for it to be copied in multiple form around the uk and beyond, in the future...

The events can be run on any day, yet we also intend a co-ordinated annual date, easy for everyone to remember, over the next few years.


These are: 9-9-9, 10-10-10, 11-11-11 & 12-12-12 in this initial phase.

If we are not highly organised and well informed, inspired and involved by 12-12-12 in a co-ordinated global way by then, we will be in trouble!


Please join in.

Look at the site.

Work out how you can also set up a local event in a centre near you,

(we suggest a church hall, mosque or temple meeting place, local community centre or school).


This site is designed so that by the end of this year, after the 8-8-8 event, we can give a template plan that you can easily copy and follow.

When you do set up an event, keep in contact and a diary of linked events will evolve.

What is ‘Save our planet’  day?

‘Save our planet’ day  -  is a concept that brings together the conservation, campaign and action groups on climate change and sustainability, under one roof and allows the general public to make sensible, rational decisions about how they can alter their lifestyle to help tackle the problem of climate change induced by human activity.

  • It will help enable us to reach a more peaceful, sustainable and caring world.
  • By being locally based and accessible, the events embrace community.
  • It works like a franchise, except that it is freely provided.
  • The events are like an advice centre brought to your doorstep. 

Presently many events crop up on the subject of climate change and sustainability under various different names. These events are given titles which the potential attendee needs to decipher to work out what it is about and whether it is an event they wish to attend.

Often one particular group or charity runs them and the event tends to primarily promote the organising group.

With ‘Save our planet’ day, all are equal under one roof and so the event becomes like a ‘Department Store’ for advice and action on climate change and sustainability.

Like a franchise, when an event is described as a –‘Save our planet’ day event the person attending knows what they are getting (as portrayed in the first paragraph).

By linking many events and making them accessible to as many people as possible it is hoped that a more co-ordinated response to the problems of climate change can be initiated.

To help set up a Save our planet’ day event or to register your event as one please contact either:
Jon  01452 615835
Joy  01452 713055 or
Michelle 01452 857537.

We will advise you on how you can freely register and help provide assistance in gaining elements to your event to fulfil the criteria.

A list of local, national and international Groups already involved is provided.

Many of these can offer support to your event.

On Saturday 7th July, 2007, in Gloucester United Kingdom, England a Local Centre was set up to act as a model for what can happen elsewhere. It was set up by the unique, non-financial network called ‘Traffic lights for peace’. more...

Carbon units are coming!
We suggest the CAV (Carbon Activity Value).

For any effective reduction in Co2 emissions a carbon unit will have to be in place for all human activates soon. We suggest the CAV-unit.

The CAV unit is the new unit of saving on CO2 production to help ‘Save our planet’.

'Save our planet' day
This years co-ordinated event is on 11-11-11
That is Friday 11th September 2011.
To find out how you can join in and set up a local event please contact Jonathan Whittaker, (lead co-ordinator)
or phone direct on 07970710537.

Our world is at a crossroads. If we carry on our present path we are heading for ecological disaster.
Save our planet day allows us all to be engaged simply and individually at a local community level, to advise and help us change our ways in time for survival.
Save our planet day is about local centres, easily accessed, with publicised events to offer help on what we need to do as individuals and collectively to tackle climate change.

The first 'Save our planet' day, event, is scheduled

Click here for details

Help save our world.

All it takes is to consider the energy and resources that we use every day and put pressure on our Government to act effectively on climate change.
Help start to efficiently care for our world.
Dont let these magnificent creatures die.
Its time to act.
Support ‘Save our planet’ day,this year on Friday 11th November 2011( easy to remember! 11/11/11 )
Further information as to how you can help,can be found on the website:
Or contact Jonathan Whittaker on 07970710537 or write to ‘Save our planet’ day events at 49, Dyer St., Cirencester, Gloucestershire. GL7 2PP

Click here to download Save Our Planet Day Poster

Event date to be

11th day of the eleventh month of the eleventh year
of the 21st century
i.e. 11am on Fri. 11th Nov. 2011 - 'Save our Planet Day'.

A day - for humanity to speak as one. A day for SURVIVAL.

These are probably THE MOST IMPORTANT WORDS that you will read today!! Click here.

How to set up a Local Centre
‘Save our planet’ day set-up information for
local groups and co-ordinators.

Save our planet day - What is it? Click here.
Save our planet day - What its about? Click here.

11/11/11 Save our Planet Day
Our hope for the future. Reconciliation of people and planet

A New International Environmental Movement
We are in the process of selecting partners for participation and support in
‘Save our planet’ days, to occur annually for the next six years.

The dates of these days are designed to be easily remembered by the general population. The year determines the date, so that by knowing the year, you know exactly the date of the ‘Save our planet’ day in that year.
The dates are:

  • 7-7-2007
  • 8-8-2008
  • 9-9-2009
  • 10-10-2010
  • 11-11-2011
  • 12-12-2012
  • 24-7 thereafter (Save our Planet 24/7)

On these days there will be the opportunity for the general public to gain information as to how they can reduce their carbon footprint and how to go about reducing their CO2 emissions from their lifestyle, both simply and local to them.
The link of CO2 emissions to global warming as a theory is well documented and supported throughout the world. This is a global problem that requires a global solution.

This movement is committed to acting as a catalyst, bringing together all the relevant organisations that already exist and work in the field, to actively find the solution before our time runs out.

We do not seek to replace any existing organisations, but merely intend to act as a binding mechanism for them to function effectively together.
Until now, no effective unifying mechanism has existed for a truly global response

Help save our World
Help save our world

Traffic lights 4 peace offers the chance for us all to unite in cause to put pressure on our leaders and decision makers to make the changes necessary for our survival.

Why traffic lights?
We need a means to unite all people across the world to tackle this global problem.
We need a neutral symbol that is universally recognised, is already present and distributed, is associated with a main cause of the problem, is easily recognised, is simply reproduced and provides a clear concise message.
By having the traffic lights to represent the message:
(red) Stop war
(amber) change to
(green) green planet
we have a means to reach all across the globe, simply and effectively by something that is already recognised and accepted everywhere.

One day - when we put aside our differences.
One day - when we come together, brother and sister.
One day- when revenge, hate and envy are forgotten.

Traffic Lights 4 Peace - SAVE OUR PLANET

TrafficLights 4 Peace

Transition Towns

Site: Gloucester
Web Design


Event date to be 11th day of the eleventh month of the eleventh year of the 21st century i.e. Friday 11th November 2011 - 'Save our Planet Day'.