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The ‘cav’ unit – explaination

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To attempt to tackle human activity induced climate change without a unit for CO2 emissions is like trying to diet without having any calorific values. Judgement is distorted and self–denial creeps in. That is why the leaving out of aircraft and shipping emissions in the UK’s prospective Climate Change Bill makes no sense and is done purely because of the lobbying power of those industries. Yet to leave these two key emission producers out is like trying to diet whilst allowing unlimited use of chocolate and dairy products i.e. a practical nonsense!

 Our use of shipping and especially of aircraft is associated with fun times, holidays and pleasure seeking. Any attempted curtailing of their use is therefore portrayed as killjoy. Until their use is portrayed in unit form that significantly highlights their harmful aspect in relation to our individual everyday lives, we will not curb their destructive potential.

That is why we suggest the CAV unit; for not only is it of a size that we as individuals can comprehend from normal everyday experience, but it is also directly related to the major cause of our problems, namely the CO2 emissions produced from human activity, especially those from use of fossil fuels. 

So how much is 140 grams in weight?

It is approximately the equivalent in weight of either:

  • 2 large size hen’s eggs,
  • OR the contents of 6 packets of crisps,
  • OR a single large banana,
  • OR 1.5 average sized apples.

That’s the amount of CO2 your average car coughs out for each kilometre you drive as the sole passenger.  

When products or services are labelled with or assigned CAV units, we will then be able to make rational judgements about what we purchase and do in our lives. We will have a means of assessing choice, taking into account its effect on us. Without the unit we are vulnerable to malevolent misinformation. A carbon unit is critical to our survival and it is important that we all encourage the adoption of a universally accepted one at the earliest opportunity. Our survival and that of the world we inhabit and love, depends upon it! Future decisions will have to be made taking into account not only economic value but of carbon value too. A food product of the future therefore will need to have not only price, nutritional values and calorific value but, also a carbon unit value.

Please pass this information on and encourage its uptake amongst family, friends and colleagues you have communication with. Time in this instance is like life, both precious and short!

One day - when we put aside our differences.
One day - when we come together, brother and sister.
One day- when revenge, hate and envy are forgotten.

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