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Today sees the launch of the ‘Fabric of Life’.

The interconnections of life forms on our planet are often described as ‘the web of life.’ When a web is damaged however it still holds together, so perhaps the frailty of life and its interdependence might better be described like a fabric. This is because when certain key strands are lost, the fabric begins to unravel and disintegrate. So it is with life on Earth. If we destroy too many of those life forms our whole life supporting system may unravel.

Human induced global warming is the greatest danger we face presently and threatens the very existence of life as we know it on this planet of ours. The ‘Fabric of Life’ is a request to our leaders to take as a priority, the care of our climate that supports us and the life forms we depend upon for our everyday existence.

Each sheet to be presented is to be joined into one a vast mural of life on cloth. Each ‘frame’, a piece of cloth 1 metre square, can be made from used, (but clean!), bed sheets or pillowcases opened out.

Each ‘frame’ to depict the wonders of life on our planet we need to preserve and/or the damage we are doing to our planet that threatens that life, including ourselves.

Schools and groups are encouraged to design and produce a panel sheet of 1metre square. The design to be waterproof, so in either permanent marker ink or to be fabric collage or embroidery.

The panels are to be stuck together and a map of the developing mural will appear on the website. Individual ‘frames’ will be given a mapping code so that anyone wishing to find their panel as the mural gets bigger will be able to do so. The ‘frame’ cloths are to be either sent to the address below when completed, before 12th Dec. 2012 – Save our planet day, 2012, or brought to one of the events that will be listed throughout the year. Please check this website to find an event where your sheet panel for the overall mural can be handed in. The finished work when finally stitched together will be presented before the Prime Minister or Deputy Prime Minister, after the deadline entry date.

  • HAVE FUN! - designing and producing your ‘frame’.
  • Join in with family, friends, classmates or workmates.
  • Address to return finished sheets to: 999 Planet in Peril, 49, Dyer Street, Cirencester, Glos. GL7 2PP

The first event to hand in finished sheets is the Climate march in London on Saturday , 3rd, Dec. 2011. Look out for ‘999 Planet in Peril’ leaflet deliverers or for the ‘999 Planet in Peril’ stall there.

Challenge your friends, or another class or another school. Get your message to save our planet from climate disaster to our political leaders, to encourage them to take the right actions for our future.

Thank you from Jon, Jane and the rest of the ‘Fabric of Life’ team here at ‘999 Planet in Peril’.

Enjoy yourselves.

One day - when we put aside our differences.
One day - when we come together, brother and sister.
One day- when revenge, hate and envy are forgotten.

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Event date to be 10th day of the tenth month of the tenth year of the 21st century i.e. Sunday 10th October 2010 - 'Save our Planet Day'.