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which requires a GLOBAL SOLUTION.

To achieve that solution we need to unite humanity in a way never realised before.
We need a means that crosses all social, religious and political divides;
a message that travels across all language barriers and national boundaries;
in fact a uniting call to action. It needs to be simple in message, repeatable globally, easy to understand and easy to participate in.

SAVE OUR PLANET DAY is that call!
A memorable date, easily recognised and remembered across the world by the symbols:

8 + 8 + 8 = 24

The 8th day of the 8th month of the 8th year of the 21st century,
Friday 8th Aug, 2008.

This is a day when we can unite to open our eyes to the greatest danger to face humanity thus far. This is a day to deliver a powerful message, to call upon our leaders and decision makers across the world, to take the necessary steps for effective action on climate change.
A date, marked in the sands of time, when we concertedly act for the good of all, when the simple, universal symbolism and message of:
Stop war (red light)
Change to (amber light)
A green planet (green light)

is reinforced worldwide using the already existing, globally distributed traffic lights. They provide the universal link across the globe for a call to action and can in their neutrality unite all.

On this day it is intended that all who are concerned about climate change and humanity’s future, should assert that opinion with a ‘visible voice’ in the form of green and white ribbons tied to traffic light posts throughout the world.
Also various venues and events are planned to provide easily reached distribution points for information to be passed to all citizens planet-wide. Such information will show and explain how individuals can contribute to the possible solution of climate change. The ribbons fluttering will have the effect of applying pressure on our leaders to reciprocate by providing the complimentary legislation to reinforce what individuals do and to make industry and the nations of the world join forces together to work in the same direction on climate change and global warming.

This describes a necessary common purpose, essential for our survival.
The sands of time are running out. We therefore need a point in time, to mark when change effectively begins. This date, 8 + 8 + 8 = 24 , 8th Aug, 2008; is an ideal memorable date that is imminent and soon. This is important because it is now universally recognised that effective action is urgently required.

Humanity is at a metaphorical crossroads.
NOW is the time to STOP and CHANGE DIRECTION!

To be graphically distasteful, the world and oil can be likened to a small child discovering a room full of chocolate and greedily eating it, before realising the mistake, being stuck then in a room full of sick. That’s where we are now. We’ve not finished the chocolate, but we’re starting to get sick.

Our world is rapidly sickening, can we stop its malaise in time? Its up to us to act now and for Governments to legislate in time, before the climate system becomes terminally sick

Image courtesy of Marisa Rehana Mann

One day - when we put aside our differences.
One day - when we come together, brother and sister.
One day- when revenge, hate and envy are forgotten.

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Event date to be 10th day of the tenth month of the tenth year of the 21st century i.e. Sunday 10th October 2010 - 'Save our Planet Day'.