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To all the schools who kindly sent in entries to the school's poetry competition last year, we say a great thank you and we'll announce the winners shortly.

This years competition will be run up to the Save Our Planet Day on the 9th September 2009 9-9-9, for we are facing a climate emergency.

This years poem is entitled "999 Climate, a planetary emergency!"


As part of ‘Save our planet’ day, Fri. 8th Aug, 2008, schools around the country are invited to participate in our Environmental Poetry Competition.

Participating schools are asked to submit two poems selected from their pupils entitled:

“They asked me to look after the planet.”

Submissions need to be via email or surface post to the addresses below, before the end of term.

The winning poems in primary and secondary school categories will be decided upon by an independent judge and presented by a celebrity poet, keen on the environment, to be announced soon.

Since this is by principle a non-financial site, the prize, again to be announced in the near future, will be provided by an environmental supporter of this site.

Addresses for entry:
Email:  (subject: Schools Poetry Competition)

Surface mail to:
Schools Poetry Competition,
49, Dyer Street,
Glos. GL7 2PP

One day - when we put aside our differences.
One day - when we come together, brother and sister.
One day- when revenge, hate and envy are forgotten.

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Event date to be 10th day of the tenth month of the tenth year of the 21st century i.e. Sunday 10th October 2010 - 'Save our Planet Day'.