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6th Dec Climate March (Parliment Sq)
19th Nov Westminster visit
30th Aug Ragged Hedge Fair
22-25th Aug Greenbelt Festival
8th Aug SOP Day Cheltenham
3th Aug The Climate Camp
25th - 27th July Womad 2008
12th July 2000 trees festival
28-29th June Glastonbury Festival
14-15th June Climate Change Forum London
8th June Bishops Cleave Glos.
6th June Cheltenham Science Festival
1st June Wychwood Festival
31st May Launch Sipson village nr Heathrow

8 Sheets of the Sipson Shroud visit Westminster.

Please contact us if you wish to add the Sipson Shroud to your event. This living petition is growing all the time!

Taken from the Sipson Shroud

" D'ya ken Heathrow with its bags all stacked?
D'ya ken Heathrow with its planes all stacked?
Do you care for folks with their lungs all cracked?
Or are you squeezin' more in, in the mornin'?!
Traditional Folk...
(with apologies to John Peel!!)

" Don't do it Gordon! "

" No third runway "

What is the Sipson Shroud and when did it start?
It is a ‘living’ petition on cloth, made up of a series of numbered joined sheets.It started on 31st May 2008 at the demonstration against the proposed expansion of London’s Heathrow Airport.It was drawn against this proposal to destroy and kill Sipson village and to maim two other communities of Harmondsworth and Harlington on either side. The main reason given for expansion was economics (MONEY); not care for life, but money. This petition is described as a ‘living’ petition for we wish it to be visible and for it to continue to grow and mature. It highlights the folly of airport expansion and urgently calls for our leaders to practically respond to human induced climate change. One definition of a shroud is of a burial wrap or winding sheet. We await to see if that describes the ‘killing’ of Sipson village for London Heathrow’s expansion, or another definition of a shroud is a cover or guard and the Sipson Shroud – as a ‘living’ petition – can act as a reminder and guard against future folly, in our battle against selfish greed that results in global warming.

You can follow the Sipson Shroud’s progress on this site.

If you wish to add a sheet, as a school, a group or a community send it, (filled with your designs, signatures and comments to our leaders), to the following address: The Sipson Shroud
c/o 49,Dyer St.

Glos.GL7 2PPEach sheet received will be acknowledged and allotted a number, so that you will be able to revisit your sheet whenever the Sipson Shroud is displayed.

The Sipson Shroud has the potential to become our guard against destruction of our planet as a visible growing reminder that WE MUST ACT and act NOW!

One day - when we put aside our differences.
One day - when we come together, brother and sister.
One day- when revenge, hate and envy are forgotten.

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Event date to be 10th day of the tenth month of the tenth year of the 21st century i.e. Sunday 10th October 2010 - 'Save our Planet Day'.