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The Sipson Shroud

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What is ‘the Sipson Shroud’?
What does it represent?
Why is it important?

The Sipson Shroud was initiated at the Big No protest on May 31st, 2008, against the proposal for a third runway and 6th Terminal at London’s Heathrow airport.
It is a petition on cloth.

It grows whenever it is displayed and is therefore described as a ‘living petition’.
It is a visual snapshot of public opinion on this matter.

The first sheet states:
We the undersigned call upon the British Government to abandon its proposed programme of airport expansion.
Do not kill Sipson village.

Put into practice a policy of carbon emission reduction to enable our planet to recover from human induced global warming.

Work towards retention of diversity of life and a sustainable future for people and planet.

Why a Shroud?
A shroud is described as a burial cloth or wrap, but also as a protective guard.
Its significance here is to attempt to act as the latter rather than the former. It is highly visual and conveys a more meaningful message than simple signatures in its presentation.

The concept is inspired by the Aids Quilt in the USA, although not as artistic, its visual impact is large.

The ‘Sipson Shroud’ has the potential to become the largest visual protest against an unpopular policy proposal of all time.

The Shroud is very simple in concept, easy to add to, visual and involves active participation beyond simple signature taking.

When people passing ask what it is about the response is as such:
Sipson is the name of the village that the Government plans to bulldoze along with parts of Harmondsworth and Harlington to make way for a third runway and 6th Terminal at London Heathrow. If you disagree with this development please sign to help protect the villages and our environment.

Of those that stop to enquire over 90% sign, which is more than were reportedly against the Iraq war.

The Sipson Shroud was initiated by someone from over 100 miles away from the villages concerned, highlighting the fact that it is not only the villagers lives that are going to be adversely affected by this 3rd runway proposal. This affects us all.

At a moment in time when we should be reining in our CO2 emissions this proposal ‘flies in the face’ of sanity!

Please help protect Sipson.
Please help protect the future of every one of us.
Please help protect our planet in its moment of need, for we are a ‘planet in peril’!

Sign the Shroud!

One day - when we put aside our differences.
One day - when we come together, brother and sister.
One day- when revenge, hate and envy are forgotten.

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