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How do I get involved?

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How do I get involved as an organisation or as an individual?

As an Organisation:
You can participate in ‘Save our planet’ day as much or as little as you wish.

The greater your participation as an organisation, the more help, support and promotion we will attempt to give you.

If you have activities related to the ‘day’ these will be publicised and given to the media.

As our network expands, your access to FREE promotion will expand.

The ‘Save our planet’ days are expected to become exponentially popular over the next five years, so participation at an early stage will give your organisation a head start in public awareness and association with this increasingly more important subject – the survival of the diversity of life as we know it on our planet.

In order to participate you need to appoint a contact who will act as your project co-ordinator.  This person’s contact details and your organisation, that they represent, should then be sent to ‘Traffic lights for peace’ (TL4P) either by email to:  (subjected as Project co-ordinator)
Or by surface mail to:
Dr. J. Whittaker,
Project co-ordinator, ‘Save our planet’ day,
49, Dyer Street,

Or by ‘phone to one of our voluntary staff on:
01452 615835 – Ask for Jonathan.
01452 713055 - Ask for Joy.
01452 857537 - Ask for Michelle. 

Please remember EVERY member of TL4P is a volunteer and that we are totally non-financial. Any time or material logistic is provided by another participatory individual or organisation that truly wishes to ‘Save our planet’. Return contact will therefore be dependant upon time and means available as supplied and will always be based on the principle of using as few of the Earth’s resources as possible to function.

As an individual:
Please register either as a Supporter or as a Project Co-ordinator.

As a Project Co-ordinator:

You must be willing to give some of your time to help organise an event local to you. The amount of help you provide and the extent of the event will be dependent upon you and those helping you in a local context. As a member who is a project co-ordinator you do not have to be the main event organiser, but you can be if applied for. You can therefore grade your participation to whatever level you wish.

Please remember TL4peace acts as a link for those like minded individuals seeking to ‘Save our planet’. Resources and logistics to help you will either have to be made by yourself locally or, where we can, we will connect you with those individuals and organisations that are willing to provide that help. We work without money.

This network WILL help.

Don’t expect specifics. What help we can provide, from our participants and contacts, will be provided to assist to the FULL extent of our ability to provide it.

The more we grow and the greater the voluntary base we have, then the more organisational and logistical help we can give.

Please join and help this global network to continue to expand, to reach all ‘corners’ of the world and enable us to help provide a global solution to this global problem of global warming.

As a Supporter:
We realise that at the moment you are unable to give the time or material logistics to us, but that you believe in trying to ‘Save our planet’. To this end you will seek to inform others of this excitingly novel means of producing a worldwide catalyst for change, to bring about an effective response to global warming and climate change caused by human activity.

In other words as a Supporter keep telling others about us, for as we expand the more effective we become. Since we are such a simple concept and available for all to join in we will have the ability to reach out around the world to provide the simply unity of purpose to effectively tackle this global problem, before our time runs out.

There are so many excellent organisations out there that we encourage you to join. We are NOT there to replace them. We exist to link and bind together for effective action in the limited time that is available before catastrophic climate change overwhelms us.

If you truly care for your planet and its survival with the diversity of life we currently experience, make sure you join us and encourage others to do likewise.

One day - when we put aside our differences.
One day - when we come together, brother and sister.
One day- when revenge, hate and envy are forgotten.

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Event date to be 10th day of the tenth month of the tenth year of the 21st century i.e. Sunday 10th October 2010 - 'Save our Planet Day'.